4 Tips That Will Increase Your Chances to Get Scholarship Abroad

For those of you who are dreaming to be able to continue studying abroad, the availability of fees must be one important factor that will be a major consideration. Not just you, almost everyone who will continue his education abroad will face similar things, considering the cost that will be required is quite large. Various causes of high tuition fees abroad, one of which is due to the low exchange rate of our currency with foreign currency.

However, this cost issue is not a dead end that makes you have to give up on a dream to experience education abroad. A number of institutions have a scholarship feature that can be used as a way to continue their studies, including education abroad.

how to get scholarship

  1. Confidence and Motivation

Make sure you have strong confidence to continue your study abroad, and it will be easier if you also have a high motivation as well. Be more mature and assertive in making decisions, including in terms of this scholarship application. If you are sure, chances are you can pass various tests will be greater.

  1. Make Your Choice from the Start

When you decide to apply for a scholarship, you must have a choice of majors that you really want. Avoid choosing the wrong majors and out of interest, because it is very risky and will certainly become a factor for number of problems in the future.

  1. Terms and Condition

After finding the most appropriate university, then start completing all the requirements for registration and also the submission of the scholarship. Don’t forget to prepare all the documents that required, so the registration process can run smoothly.

  1. Go for the Scholarship

Several types of scholarships may be held for a particular purpose, especially if the holding is a government-owned institution. Things like this should be a concern since the beginning, so you choose the type of scholarship that matches what you need. Make sure you meet all the requested requirements, including preparing for any selection tests performed by the organizers.

Easy Way to Save Your Family Finances from Gambling Habits

One of the most problems you will face when you have addiction to gambling is financial management. You will be late to realize, but in the end, you will lose a lot of things.

When your gambling habit is out of control, you’ll use the savings, the money to pay the bills, selling things, and when there’s nothing remains, you go to the loan sharks for debt. All of that is just to fulfill your desire to gamble.

It doesn’t matter whether you gamble in casino or you do it online in one of the judi bola site such as mahabet, compulsive gambling will haunt you if you do not take precautions. Here are some tips you can do to manage your family’s finances before your gambling habits become out of control.

gambling habits

Make Priority Scales

If you do have difficulty managing your finances before you even have a gambling habit you should start learning to make priority scales. By making a priority scale, you will be able to manage finances easily by creating multiple posts for each need.

You will make post for daily needs such as food, toiletries, or to buy clothes. You will also set aside some of your money and creating a post to pay the bills. When all the top priorities have paid off, you can use the rest of your money to have fun like a gamble.

Ask Your Partner for Help

Compulsive gambling makes it hard to think clearly. You will find it difficult to decide which one is more important and you will end up making the wrong decision. Things like this will come with consequences and most of it will certainly hurt you and finally, the people that most dear to you. Here is the best time for you to ask people for help to deal with your problem.

It would be better if this is someone close to you like your wife, your partner, or maybe your parents. Involve them in your problem and ask for their advice before you try to make a decision. That way you will also tell your gambling addiction to someone and now you will not face it yourself anymore.

Know When to Stop

It will be very hard to do because the main problem of a compulsive gambler is not knowing when to stop even though his gambling habit has become dangerous for him or for others.

family financial management - gambling habits

Therefore, you should not do it yourself, ask for advice to the person closest to you or better to an expert, make notes and remind yourself when you should stop. You will find it really difficult to do the first time you try, but if keep trying and one day you will get used to it.

Get Expert Help When It Starts to Get Out of Hand

Now there are many experts you can ask for help, the easiest way you do is to see a doctor and ask for recommendations where you should go to solve your problem.

Or you can go to see a mental health professional near your place so they can evaluate your situation and know what action to do next to treat your condition.

The treatment could be differ depending on how you are doing at the given time. You may be advised to take a therapy session and some prescriptions to take. Some medications are proven to reduce the habit of compulsive gambling.

Planning for Your Children Education Funds

Planning for the children education funds can be really frustrating because it involves a lot of money and the amount may get bigger in the future. Without any preparation, it’s going to be so tough for the parents later on. Luckily, there are some plans you can try which can make things easier for you.

 529 college plan

529 College Plans

The way how this savings plan work is actually like this, you basically rely on your after-tax money. You invest such money into this plan and then, later on, you can withdraw the funds along with any possible gains you can get from such investment. And you need to know that this kind of investment is tax-free as long as it’s used for qualified education fees like college tuitions and also to buy some educational books. Furthermore, more than 30 states in the US offer this kind of college savings plan so it should not be hard for you to cope with it.

However, you need to know that each state has its own plan that covers different investment options operating costs, and also annual fees. Make it certain that you can really understand them all before you can really deal with this kind of investment so you can avoid facing disappointment in the future. What if your child doesn’t end up going up to college? What can you do with this investment? Well, you can still withdraw the funds but you need to face the tax penalties. However, you can actually transfer the funds to the other beneficiary.


Roth IRA

In case you haven’t known about it, this kind of savings account is actually really popular. Basically it’s a tax-advantaged retirement savings but people can also use it for the other types of savings like for college savings. Similar to the saving method mentioned before, you use your after-tax money to cope with the investment. Then, after the age of 59 and a half year, the funds can be withdrawn if it’s for retirement. This kind of investment allows you to take out the funds tax and at the same time, you can also take out the penalty-free if the funds are going to be used for educational purpose as long as the investment has been more than five years.

Even better, you can also use this kind of saving for other purposes too like to make down payment to purchase a house and there’s no penalty to it. However, make sure you also notice that there’s an income and contribution limits for this kind of investment. If your earning is more than $129,000 per year, you are not eligible.

 prepaid college tuition

Prepaid College Tuition Plans

Just like what the name of the plans tells you, it definitely works like what it sounds. You can pay some portions of the tuition of your kids now and the price is locked in current prices. Let’s say that a college charges about $10,000 a year, if you make $5,000 contribution in this kind of plans, it means that you have actually bought 50% of a year’s tuition or you have secured a semester for your kid later on. But, if in the future, the tuition has increased to $20,000 a year, your $5,000 contribution will still value as 50% because the value has been locked. So you can say that your contribution of $5,000 is actually worth $10,000 if the tuition has changed into $20,000.

5 Easy Tips to Better Family Financial Management

planning family budget

What do you do to make your family finance better? There are basically so many things you can do but here, you are going to learn about the 5 basic and easy tips on what you should do. Here they are :

Make a Budget

This is a really important phase because it involves planning for the whole financial management. You can do this in the beginning of the month or after you have got your earning for that month. Keep note about how much you earn and then start planning out your expenses. Make sure the list is as complete as possible including mortgage, groceries, gas, and other necessities. The intention to make such budgeting is to know your financial capabilities. You also will have the plan about what to do with the money you own later on. The budget will also remind you to avoid being over-budget which will result in ruining your financial management. It’s also a good thing if you make such budget with your wife or the other family members whom you think are playing role in managing the finance of the family.

Spend the Money Properly

Once the budget has been done, it’s time for you to spend the money. The key is to be thorough with the plan you have already made. Make sure that you always follow what has been planned. Surely, it’s not an easy thing to do but after a few times of practice, you will find the right method to really stick to the budget plan. If you are worried about the emergency needs of money, you can start making a kind of additional list for the unexpected expense in your financial budget plan. If you are able to do this, it’s almost certain that you have actually reached the success in maintaining the finance of your family and at the same time, make it better.

Be Sure to Invest

Yes, it’s a good idea for you to invest because by investing, you can expect the money you have can grow in its amount in the future. Don’t you think it is such a nice method to secure the money and at the same time, expect to earn something later on? Then, what kind of investment should you have? For such matter, basically, the choice is up to you. There are so many kinds of investment you can do starting to save the money in the bank, buy some gold, or the others. Just make sure you really know the investment you are going to do so you can be more convenient to take care of it.

 family budget tips

Save the Money No Matter How Much

This is also important because you can never know what will happen in the future. Your savings can be really useful to help you handle the situation which comes unexpectedly. No matter how much the money you want to save, just do it. Little by little, the amount will be bigger. Just don’t force yourself too much to save the money because there are still more important things you need to do with your money.

Be Strict to Yourself

And last but not least, it’s always a wise thing to be strict to yourself when it comes to your finance. Don’t be to consumptive. If there’s no allocation to eat outside for certain week, don’t do it. It will only ruin your finance and most importantly, you will not have the good attitude towards your own budget. Be strict now and later on you can really taste the sweetness.